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Tuberculosis is prevalent in India with various neurological manifestation including tuberculoma, brain abcess, pott's spine, and radiculomyelopathy.

Although tuberculosis is mainly T-cell-mediated chronic disease, still there are cases reported with tuberculosis with GBS. Here we are going to present four cases of pulmonary tuberculosis presented with GBS. This study describes clinical profile of four patients who presented with concomitant pulmonary tuberculosis and GBS over a period of 4 years in a tertiary hospital.

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Diagnosis was made according to Brighton criteria and alternative diagnosis were ruled out by clinical examination, serological markers, and MRI imaging of the spine. Of total four cases, 3 were male and 1 was female who presented with weight loss, anorexia, cough with or without hemoptysis, and acute progressive LMN quadriparesis in which there was typical albumin-cytological dissociation in CSF.

An exhaustive investigation for triggers of GBS were performed for all patients who were treated with IVIG and two of them completely recovered and rest of two did not recover completely after 6 weeks of follow-up. In pulmonary tuberculosis, patients with polyneuropathy demands urgent search for GBS as there has been case reports in literature though the association between tuberculosis and GBS is not clear.

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